TI SensorTag Recipes

enmo currently has two “recipes” (complete reference solutions) for the TI SensorTag.  By using these recipes, you can start testing a basic TI SensorTag mobile solution in minutes (no programming needed).

  1. Data logger – sending logged data to phone initiated by pushing button on SensorTag
  2. Data logger – logged data is automatically sent to the phone every 10-minutes

Cooking Time

< 5-mins for programming enmo reference firmware into the SensorTag

~15-mins to setup the enmo Platform with rules, content, etc.


The ingredients for both of these recipes are basically the same, the only difference being the reference firmware programmed into the SensorTag:

  1. TI SensorTag
  2. Debug Pack for the SensorTag
  3. enmo Platform
  4. enmo Development Apps (iOS / Android)
  5. enmo reference firmware for the SensorTag (button push data logger (#1 above) download / automatic data logger (#2 above) download

Cooking Instructions

Please follow the instructions in this document to “cook” (implement) these reference designs / recipes.  At the end of the instructions you’ll be given an opportunity to download the instructions PDF.

Please note that this document gives instructions for Data Logger #1 above.  The instructions for Data Logger #2 are the same, except for what triggers transmission of data to the phone. For Data Logger #2, the TI SensorTag automatically wakes up every 10-minutes to try to send its logged data to the phone. If after 1-minute the data is not read (because the phone isn’t nearby), then the SensorTag will try again in another 10-minutes.  For Data Logger #1, the user triggers broadcasting in IoT.Over.Beacon mode via a button push.