enmo’s our technology is used by developers to rapidly prototype their Bluetooth IoT solutions.

We speed-up:

  1. IoT device firmware development
  2. Smartphone App development
  3. Connection to Cloud services

IoT Device Firmware

To speed-up your firmware development, enmo had developed starter firmware for leading IoT devices.

Just download these starter firmwares from our website, program them into your IoT device, and you can immediately start testing our your IoT hardware.

Starter firmware is just that – a quick way for you to jump start your hardware development. After initial evaluation, you’ll likely want to customize our starter firmware for your specific needs – and we give your source code for our starter firmware for just that purpose, so that you can customize it to your exact needs.

Of course, we do not provide you the source code for our “secret sauce”, our IoT.Over.Beacon technology. We make IoT.Over.Beacon available to you as a protected library which you include in your project. Call our library when you want to output data from the IoT device to the phone and we handle the rest.


The following IoT devices are currently supported by enmo (click on the devices below for details).

TI SensorTag

ST Nucleo and ST SensorTile

Fujitsu Sensor Beacon


A major limitation of Bluetooth IoT has been discovery & pairing – it’s not scalable.

There is a mode in Bluetooth, the Advertising mode, that does not require Discovery & Pairing. However, Advertising mode also doesn’t have a provision to pass a big payload, which is the entire purpose of IoT, to pass a payload from the IoT device to the phone.

enmo has extended Advertising mode to still not require Discovery & Pairing but yet to pass large payloads (tens of thousands of Bytes). We call this technology IoT.Over.BeaconTM. Read more about IoT.Over.Beacon here.

Development Apps, SDKs, Platform

enmo is all about rapid prototyping. It would be rapid prototyping would it if you had to develop your own Smartphone Apps?

To speed up prototyping, we’ve got prototyping Apps available on the App Store and Google Play. Just download these Apps, login with your enmo Platform credentials and you are good to go, you can immediately start to capture and visualize data on your phone.






Many IoT solutions never progress past the prototype phase; for those that do, you’ll likely want to use your Apps, you’ll not want to use our Development Apps in production. Merely integrate our iOS and Android SDKs into your production Apps and they will work the exact same say as our Development Apps.

Finally, you’ll use our enmo Platform to create rules (low-level hardware-based rules, not business logic rules), content, targeting options, etc.

The four components of the enmo Platform are:

  • Rules Engine
  • Creative Studio
  • Targeting Engine
  • Optimization Engine

Changes made in the Platform are effected in our Apps. Don’t like what the result? Then make changes in the Platform and they are immediately reflected in the App. Continuously iterate until you’re satisfied.

Rules Engine Key Features

  • Provision IoT devices, Beacons, Geofences
  • Create Entry/Exit rules (specify what action the App should take when IoT device/beacon is detected)
  • Limit rules to individual Smartphones
  • Push new rules to Apps
  • Frequency caps
  • Region Paging (to allow deployment of unlimited number of IoT devices/beacons while still staying under the iOS 20 region monitoring limit
  • Complete control to specify which content (if any) should be in different scenarios, which as when App in the foreground or when its in the background

Creative Studio Key Features

  • Create cross-platform HTML 5 content:
    • Drag & drop, no coding needed
    • Create landing pages
    • Create rich media
    • Pull content from external system at runtime to insert on landing page
    • Push IoT data & metadata to external endpoint
    • Create different content to show when App is in foreground vs. background
    • IoT elements automatically apply compensation algorithms from IoT device suppliers
    • Create content in any language
  • Include powerful forms with:
    • Numerous form elements (text box, check box, drop-down list, etc)
    • Form field validations
    • Push submitted form data & metadata to external endpoint
    • Send email with submitted form data
    • Chain forms together and pass data from one form downstream to another

Targeting & Optimization Key Features

  • Targeting:
    • Show different content to users based on their phone language
    • Show different content to users based on the time of day (day parting)
    • Combine language targeting and day parting
  • Optimization:
    • AB split testing
    • Rich analytics (location, device type, device ID, OS, IP address, App ID, phone language, etc.)

The enmo Platform also helps you in production, after the prototype phase has completed. As we all know, no system is fixed in stone, there are always changes — deploying new IoT devices, changing rules, changing the content to be shown, etc. You can make all these changes in the enmo Platform and have them automatically synch up with your App — you don’t have to revise your App, submit to Apple/Google for review, get your users to install the new version, etc.

Screen shots of an example App with pages showing data captured by an IoT device are shown below (these were created in the enmo Platform).














By the way, you don’t have to create one set of content for iOS and another for Android. Our content is cross-platform, it displays on both without modification.

Wondering how we compare/contrast to other App builders? The main difference is that our Platform is built from the ground-up for IoT & beacons – we are hardware aware and the others are not:

Cloud Connectors

Once the data has been captured by the phone, you’ll likely want to send it along to a cloud service (Azure, Cisco, AWS, your own cloud, etc.)

In keeping with our philosophy of making it dirt-simple, we provide built-in connectors enabling you send and receive data from leading cloud services. No need to read through lots of technical documentation to figure out how to connect to a cloud service, we’ve done that for you. Just plug in your credentials and you are good to go!

The cloud services we support today are:



We support all leading beacons, enabling you to use whichever is the best match for your needs.

iOS Android
iBeacon Now N/A
AltBeacon N/A Now
Gimbal Now Now
Eddystone Now Now

Confused about which beacons to use? Give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and give you some suggestions.


What’s the difference between beacons & IoT devices?


  • Bluetooth radio only, no sensors
  • Broadcast ID #
  • Phone can take action upon detecting / not detecting beacon radio signal (Entry / Exit)
  • Phone determines what action to take based on beacon ID detected (or not detected any more)
  • So no communication between the phone and beacon — phone only detects / doesn’t detect beacon
  • No pairing between the phone and beacon
  • No provision in beacon specs to pass a payload
  • Beacons continuously transmit, they don’t stop

IoT Devices

  • Bluetooth radio + sensor(s)
  • Our IoT.Over.Beacon technology makes the IoT device look like a beacon, yet still pass a payload
  • Still no pairing

How do I build my Beacon/IoT App using enmo’s technology?

  • For evaluation purposes, you can download our development App (coming soon from the App Store/Google Play, contact usif you need it now). Then you can download your own rules and content to it for testing
  • For deployment, we’ll give you our SDK, which you integrate into your App (or you can re-skin our development App)

How do I learn how to use the enmo Platform?

  • It’s pretty intuitive, we’re sure you’ll figure it out
  • We do have extensive help and videos in our Platform. And you can always call or email us for help.

How did you test your App Builder? How do you know it works?

  • We didn’t want to make our customers guinea pigs, have them debug our Platform. So, we decided to build an App ourselves – to eat our own cooking, to become our own customer.
  • Our App, Auto-Locking of computers when the user walks away, was developed using our platform
  • It works well and has been warmly received by customers – so we know our App builder technology works!

Do I need to buy Beacons from a specific supplier?

  • No for iBeacons, AltBeacons, Eddystones – you can buy them from any supplier that conform to these specs.
  • Gimbals are only available from Gimbal Inc. and must be purchased from them

Can I buy Beacons from enmo?

  • No, you can’t, we don’t sell Beacons. Please purchase them from your desired supplier.

Can I mix and match different types of IoT / Beacons?

  • Yes, you can mix and match beacons. For example, an enmo-powered App can detect both iBeacons and Gimbals if you so desire.
  • You an also mix and match IoT devices. For example, an enmo-powered App can detect both TI Sensor Tag devices and ST Nucleo devices

Can I also use enmo for fixed IoT applications?

  • Yes, you can use enmo’s Platform and development Apps for fixed IoT applications, you just won’t need to use our IoT.Over.Beacon technology
  • For example, you can easily create a “dashboard” App for fixed IoT applications, where data is continuously pulled from a cloud system, causing graph and table elements on landing pages to be continuously updated.