“Slap-On” IoT

I was recently chatting with an Industrial IoT customer and heard a new term for an old concept – “slap-on IoT”.

What he meant by was to retrofit industrial IoT equipment using self-contained Bluetooth-based IoT devices.

Customers want to monitor all aspects of their equipment and facilities using IoT devices.  However, some measurements cannot be taken without replacing equipment.

For example, it may not be possible to monitor manifold pressure without replacing existing equipment with new equipment that has been designed from the ground-up with IoT in mind.  This “fork-lift” upgrade may be expensive and may not be possible until the next capital expenditure equipment upgrade cycle.

So, are the customer’s choices nothing, no IOT (what they have today) and everything, full IoT (with new equipment)?  No, there is a middle option – slap-on IoT.

Bluetooth-based IoT devices can be battery-powered, not requiring any power connection. And they output their data to a Smartphone, thus not requirement any Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Cell network connection.

The customer can easily add these Bluetooth-based IoT devices to their existing equipment with minimal installation costs, minimal hassle.  Just “slap-on” Bluetooth-based IoT devices to existing equipment and you’re ready to go.  And you’d be surprised at the amount of IoT data you can capture with Bluetooth-based IoT devices.

Customers can go from no IoT data to a plethora of riches of IoT data using Bluetooth (Mobile) IoT!