So What the Heck is Mobile IoT?

enmo – leader in mobile IoT – which we are.

But you may be wondering “What the heck is mobile IoT?”.

Mobile IoT is where IoT sensor data is captured by a Smartphone.

                                                                            Mobile IoT


IoT devices can be put into two categories:

Fixed IoT deployments are plugged into AC power and sensor data is continuously streamed to the cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.) via a Wi-Fi or cell connection. Once the data has been stored in the cloud, post-capture analysis can be conducted, and the data can be visualized on a Smartphone.  In this use case, the Smartphone isn’t involved in capturing IoT data.

For many IoT use cases, it’s not feasible to be AC powered, the IoT device is battery powered. For battery-powered IoT devices, it’s not practical to use a Wi-Fi or cell radio, they are too power hungry and the battery will be drained in no time.

For battery-powered IoT deployments, using a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) radio is the best choice. BLE inherently is low-energy.

An additional benefit of using Bluetooth is that everyone has an IoT reader in their pocket – their Smartphone.

And that’s how Mobile IoT is defined – a battery-powered IoT device with a BLE radio, whose sensor data is read by a Smartphone.

Bluetooth has two modes – Discovery/Pairing and Advertising.  In my next blog post I’ll talk about our IoT.Over.Beacon technology and how it eliminates the fundamental limitation of using Bluetooth in IoT – Discovery and Pairing.