IoT & Beacons

enmo enables our customers to use whichever IoT & Beacon devices they want — use whichever is the best match for your needs.


Here’s our schedule for supporting various types of Beacons:

iOS Android
iBeacon Now N/A
AltBeacon N/A Now
Gimbal Now Now
Eddystone Now Now


Confused about which beacons to use?  Give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and give you some suggestions.



enmo is focused on the Mobile IoT market – where a Smartphone App interacts directly with your IoT devices.

Have a use case where sensor data is being streamed directly to the cloud by the sensor or through a sensor hub? Then, you don’t need to use enmo, we don’t add value there.

But we rock for when you need to have an App capture sensor data!


Mobile IoT


IoT rapid prototyping boards are available from leading IoT device manufacturers (SensorTag, SensorPuck, SensorMedal, Fenway, etc.).  By using these boards, hardware designers can shorter their development time and also reduce development costs.

But hardware is just part of the solution for IoT – for Mobile IoT you also need to develop Smartphone Apps that go with the IoT hardware.  And that’s where our Platform comes in. Developers can rapidly prototype their IoT Apps using enmo, shortening their development time and reducing development costs.

Our vision for IoT matches that for Beacons – allow you to use whatever IoT device you want.


A key enmo differentiation is our IoT Over BeaconTM technology.

What is IoT Over Beacon? It’s proprietary enmo technology that makes the IoT look like a beacon to the Smartphone, yet still allows for the transfer of a payload (the sensor data).

Beacons have been increasingly popular because of their easy interaction with Smartphone Apps – no pairing, detection of beacons even when the phone is locked and in the user’s pocket, detection of beacons even when the App is not running, when it has been killed from the system tray.

Contrast that with traditional IoT Apps that the user must launch, bring into the foreground, pair with the IoT device, all in order to read sensor data.

Quite cumbersome isn’t’ it?  Wouldn’t it be great if the benefits of beacons could be brought into the IoT world? But beacons are limited by their inability to transfer a payload, no way to send the captured sensor data to the phone.

That’s where our IoT Over Beacon technology comes in. It allows the IoT device to look like a beacon from the phone’s perspective, enabling all the benefits of beacons, yet we still are able to transfer a payload.

No pairing with IoT Over Beacon.  No IoT device specific SDKs to integrate into your App.  Capture sensor data even when the phone is locked and in the user’s pocket!

For prototyping purposes, you can either use our IoT board firmware or integrate our IoT Over Beacon library (which you’ll call when you want to send data to a phone) into your firmware.

For production, you use our library.

The first IoT device supported by enmo is the Texas Instruments (TI) SimpleLink™ SensorTag kit.  Click here to learn more about our support for the TI SensorTag.

We have a very aggressive roadmap of other IoT devices we’ll support. Want to know if we’ll support a specific IoT device? Then contact us now.

Screen shots of an example landing page showing data captured by TI SensorTag are shown below. This landing page includes a form where the user can upload a short video.

IMG_6264          IMG_6265          IMG_6268