Fujitsu IoT Devices

enmo’s IoT.Over.Beacon technology enables new and valuable use cases for the Fujitsu Smart Sensor Beacon IoT device.

Fujitsu has an enmo IoT.Over.Beacon version of their standard firmware for their Smart Sensor Beacon – it works with our Platform out-of-the-box.


Fujitsu Smart Sensor Beacon IoT Development

The content on the landing page you created in the enmo Platform is automatically displayed in the App, including a graph and table of the logged sensor data (if you’ve added these elements to your landing page). You can even push captured IoT data to an Endpoint and then populate content on your landing page from an Endpoint. Need to revise the content on your landing page? Then change it in our platform and iterate until you’re satisfied.

Screen shots of an example App with pages showing data captured by an IoT device are shown below (these were created in the enmo Platform).

Fujitsu Sensor Beacon IoT Data  Bluetooth Beacon IoT Data

But what if you want to customize the firmware in the Fujitsu Sensor Beacon? In this case, please contact Fujitsu for assistance (you can also contact us).

Ordering Code Functionality Details
FWM8BLZ02A-ENMO-E1 Data logger

IoT.Over.Beacon transmission occurs upon Sensor Beacon detecting movement for at least 10-seconds continuously

When continuous movement is detected for at least 10-seconds, the Sensor Beacon:

  1. Logs temperature and accelerometer sensor values once per second
  2. Broadcasts in IoT.Over.Beacon mode

40 seconds of data can be stored by this reference firmware, after which data is overwritten (FIFO).

IoT.Over.Beacon transmission stops after:

  1. 15-minutes, or
  2. Data is read by a Smartphone (whichever comes first)

After IoT.Over.Beacon transmission has stopped, the Sensor Beacon returns back to monitoring for 10-seconds of continuous movement.




Cooking Time

~15-mins to setup the enmo Platform with rules, content, etc.

Sensor Beacon Ingredients

  1. Sensor Beacon
  2. enmo Platform
  3. enmo Development Apps (iOS / Android)

Sensor Beacon Cooking Instructions

Please follow the instructions in this document (request access) to “cook” (implement) this recipe. At the end of the document you’ll be given an opportunity to download the instructions.