enmo Technologies Launches Platform to Rapidly Prototype Beacon & IoT Smartphone Apps

For Enterprise, Healthcare, and Government Use Cases

Santa Clara, California, June 14, 2016 – enmo Technologies today announced the launch of its platform to rapidly prototype Beacon & IoT Smartphone Apps. The enmo platform enables creation of Apps for iPhone® and Android™ devices that support numerous beacon formats, such as iBeacon™, Eddystone™, Gimbal™, and AltBeacon™ 1. Enterprise, healthcare, and government applications will benefit significantly from the enmo platform.

“In conjunction with our colleagues at Orange Silicon Valley, we used the enmo Platform to prototype a Beacon-based patient engagement mobile App in under an hour”, said Stéphane Ramoné, Senior Manager for Healthcare at Orange Consulting. “It was very valuable for us to quickly develop a prototype to show our partners, to share our vision and get their feedback.”

Developers use the enmo Platform to
1. Specify the beacons/IoT devices the App should monitor,
2. Specify the actions the App should take upon entry or exit from beacon/IoT regions,
3. If the action is to show content (landing pages with powerful forms, or rich media), then create that content, and
4. Setup targeting/optimization for the content, such as language targeting, day-parting, multi-variate split testing.

Developers do not have to develop their own App prototype; instead they can download enmo’s development Apps from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ store. enmo’s development Apps automatically use regions/rules/content/targeting setup in the enmo platform.

Developers then can test with their beacons, iterating by changing regions/rules/content/targeting on enmo’s platform until the minimum viable product (MVP) is converged upon.

For production, developers can integrate enmo’s SDK into their Apps. This gives them the capability to freely create or change regions/rules/content/targeting in the enmo Platform and not have to submit the Apps for review for publishing.

Key features of the enmo platform include:
• Easy-to-use, no programming needed
• Beacon & IoT agnostic –use the best device for each use case
• Test on iPhone and Android devices simultaneously
• Powerful rules engine, including device-level filtering and frequency caps
• Creative Studio enabling creation of engaging rich media and HTML5 landing pages with eye-catching forms and database connectivity
• Targeting engine – enables different content to be shown based on phone language or different times of day
• A/B split testing and more…

Developers can sign up for the enmo platform at http://enmo.mobi/pricing/.

1Not all beacons supported on all Smartphone devices. Go to http://enmo.mobi/iot-beacons/ for a complete list of which beacons are supported on which Smartphone devices.

About enmo Technologies
enmo (www.enmo.mobi) is an enterprise mobility startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are focused on proximity-based solutions for enterprise, healthcare, and government applications. Our platform is used by developers to rapidly prototype their beacon & IoT Apps for iPhone and Android devices.

About Orange Silicon Valley
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The enmo development App uses the Gimbal location and proximity platform for mobile engagement. Gimbal is a trademark of Gimbal, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Used with permission.
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