enmo Technologies Announces Platform Support for TI SimpleLink™ SensorTag Kit

enmo’s IoT Over Beacon™ technology enables new use cases for the SensorTag kit

Santa Clara, California, June 14, 2016 – enmo Technologies, a leader in mobile IoT, today announced that its cloud platform now supports the Texas Instruments (TI) SimpleLink™ SensorTag kit. Developers using the SensorTag kit for Bluetooth® low energy connectivity can rapidly prototype their iPhone® and Android™ smartphone Apps using the enmo Platform. enmo’s IoT Over Beacon technology enables new use cases with the SensorTag kit, such as smartphone apps reading extensive amounts of sensor data even when the user’s phone is locked and in her/his pocket.

“We are delighted to have enmo apply their IoT Over Beacon technology to our SensorTag kits for development with the SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2640 wireless MCUs”, said Amit Hammer, general manager, wireless connectivity solutions, TI.  “With the enmo platform, developers can utilize the quick and easy prototyping of the SensorTag kit with new and valuable capabilities.”

To rapidly prototype IoT Apps, developers:

  1. Login to enmo’s Cloud Platform, and setup their rules, content, targeting, endpoints to push/pull data to/from, etc.,
  2. Download enmo’s Development Apps from the Apple App Store® and Google Play™ store (the rules, content, etc. from enmo’s Cloud Platform are automatically used by Development Apps), and
  3. Include enmo’s IoT Over Beacon library in their firmware for the TI SensorTag kit (or they can use enmo’s reference data logging firmware for the TI SensorTag kit).

Developers then can quickly iterate, changing rules, content, etc. until they are satisfied with the results.  For production, developers can create their own custom Apps, or use enmo’s SDKs for iPhone and Android devices in their Apps.

Order the SimpleLink SensorTag and learn more about the development kit at www.ti.com/sensortag.

Developers can sign up for the enmo Platform at http://enmo.mobi/pricing/.

To learn more about enmo’s support for the TI SensorTag kit go to http://enmo.mobi/ti-sensortag/ 

About enmo Technologies
enmo (www.enmo.mobi) is an enterprise mobility startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are focused on proximity-based solutions for enterprise, healthcare, and government applications. Our platform is used by developers to rapidly prototype their beacon & IoT Apps for iPhone and Android devices.


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