enmo Technologies’ IoT Platform Now Supports Development Boards From STMicroelectronics

enmo’s IoT.Over.BeaconTM technology ported to STM32 Nucleo and SensorTile development tools

Santa Clara, California, January 25, 2017 – enmo Technologies, a leader in mobile IoT, today announced that its cloud platform supports the STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo boards and SensorTile development kits. Developers now can quickly develop and launch Smartphone Apps connected to STM32-based products in minutes using the enmo Platform.

“The combination of our low-power technologies in MCU and MEMS, Bluetooth® Low Energy  connectivity and the enmo IoT.Over.Beacon™ technology enables new and valuable mobile IoT uses cases, said Tony Keirouz, Vice President of IoT and MMS Marketing and Applications, STMicroelectronics. “Just as our STM32 Nucleo boards and SensorTile development tools expedite the creation of IoT hardware, the enmo Platform is also suited to speeding up the development of IoT apps.”

enmo support for ST IoT Development Kits includes:

  1. Over.Beacon-based reference firmware (data logger for STM32 Nucleo and movement-triggered for SensorTile)
  2. Over.Beacon support for ST devices in enmo’s development Apps (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)
  3. Ability to use the enmo Platform to quickly create custom Smartphone Apps targeting STM32 Nucleo and SensorTile development tools

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with ST to provide compelling IoT solutions,” said Mike Speckman, chief business officer at enmo.  “We believe their off-the-shelf development kits and our Platform will greatly speed-up IoT development and significantly reduce development costs. We look forward to working with ST and their distributors to help customers with their IoT needs.”

Additional information about enmo’s support for the STM32 Nucleo & SensorTile is available at http://enmo.mobi/stm-iot-devices/.  Developers can sign up for a free trial of the enmo Platform at http://enmo.mobi/pricing/.

About enmo Technologies

enmo is an enterprise mobility startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area, enmo’s SaaS Platform is used by developers to quickly develop Mobile IoT Smartphone Apps.  Mobile IoT products are battery-powered IoT devices whose sensor data are read by Smartphone Apps. enmo’s differentiation is our IoT.Over.Beacon Bluetooth technology – No Discovery, No Pairing. enmo’s value includes (1) enabling new and valuable Mobile IoT use cases, (2) faster time-to-market and lower development costs, and (3) enabling any Mobile IoT device to connect to any cloud service.





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