Complete Deployable Solutions

enmo has developed ready-to-go solutions for certain popular use cases. Use them as-is or use enmo Professional Services to customize them to your specific needs.


Theft Detection



Do you ever walk away from a computer and forget to lock it?
Don’t worry, enmo Auto-Lock has you covered!

Automaticaly Detects User Presence

When you walk away from a computer without locking it, enmo Auto-Lock automatically locks it. User does not have to take any action on the App to auto-lock – they just walk away with their phone.

For Single User or Multi-User Computers

Supports both single-user computers and multi-user computers. Supports Windows 10 down to Windows XP


Designed specially for computers containing sensitive data, such as those used by Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc.


Including advanced analytics


Helps secure HIPAA PHI (Protected Health Info).

How does enmo Auto-Lock work?

Walk away

Walk more than ~15-feet away from
your computer with your phone in
your hand or in your pocket.

Stay away

Stay away for at least 30 seconds.


Computer will Auto-Lock


  • arrow enmo App on the phone (iOS or Andriod)
  • arrow enmo Client software on PC
  • arrow enmo IoT device near PC

Use cases

Protect Exam Rooms

Protect Exam Rooms

Protect Nursing Stations

Protect Nursing Stations

Protect Windows Computers

Protect Windows Computers

Theft Detection

To reduce thefts, tag valuable assets with a battery or solar-powered IoT device. If that asset is moved and approaches an exit, then an alert is sent to phones and computers of security, IT, finance, etc., allowing immediate action to be taken.

Bluetooth IoT.Over.Beacon Anti-Theft

Cold Chain Monitoring

Simply put a battery-powered IoT device inside the truck. The IoT device will periodically measure and store the temperature. Then at regular intervals, the IoT device will send the stored data to the driver’s phone via IoT.Over.Beacon™. From the phone the data is sent to the cloud for reports and analytics. The driver doesn’t have to take any action to read the data, the phone can even remain in his or her pocket.