Rapid Prototyping for Bluetooth IoT

Our value – faster time-to-market and new use cases enabled by our technology

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Why enmo?



A major limitation of Bluetooth IoT has been discovery & pairing – it’s not scalable. There is a mode in Bluetooth, the Advertising mode, that does not require Discovery & Pairing. However, Advertising mode also doesn’t have a provision to pass a big payload, which is the entire purpose of IoT, to pass a payload from the IoT device to the phone. enmo has extended Advertising mode to still not require Discovery & Pairing but can pass large payloads (tens of thousands of Bytes). We call this technology IoT.Over.BeaconTM.

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End-to-end IoT security is essential, especially for writing-back into IoT devices. enmo has implemented end-to-end IoT security that is dirt-simple to use. It supports a heterogeneous deployment of IoT devices (you can mix-and-match devices from different suppliers), works with iOS and Android Apps, and data is protected in transit and at rest.


Faster time-to-market and lower development costs

With enmo, you can prototype your Bluetooth IoT solution in minutes. Got a bunch of IoT ideas? Quickly test them out, filtering out those that don’t merit being productized.


New use cases

enmo’s IoT.Over.Beacon technology enables new uses cases for brownfield applications.

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Build Beautiful IoT Mobile Apps

enmo is all about rapid prototyping. Prototyping isn’t rapid if you have to develop your own Smartphone Apps. To speed up prototyping, we've have Development Apps available on the App Store and Google Play. Just download these Apps, login with your enmo Platform credentials and you are good to go, you can immediately start to capture and visualize data on your phone. And you can quickly create the content to be displayed via a drag-and-drop interface, no programming needed!

Support for Leading IoT Devices

To speed-up your firmware development, enmo had developed starter firmware for leading IoT devices.
Just download these starter firmwares from our website, program them into your IoT device, and you can immediately start testing our your IoT hardware.
Starter firmware is just that – a quick way for you to jump start your hardware development. After initial evaluation, you’ll likely want to customize our starter firmware for your specific needs – and we give your source code for our starter firmware for just that purpose, so that you can customize it to your exact needs.

TI SensorTag

3 starter firmwares, source code, SDKs, recipes.

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ST Nucleo and ST SensorTile

2 starter firmwares, source code, SDKs, recipes.

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Fujitsu Sensor Beacon

Starter firmware available from Fujitsu.

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Integrations with Leading Cloud Services

Once the data has been captured by the phone, you’ll want to send it to a cloud service (Azure, AWS, Cisco, your own cloud, etc.). To keep it dirt-simple, we provide built-in connectors enabling you to send and receive data from leading cloud services. No need to read through lots of technical documentation to figure out how to connect to a cloud service, we’ve done that for you. Just plug in your cloud credentials and you are good to go!

Complete Solutions

Deploy these Bluetooth IoT solutions as-is, out-of-the-box



Do you ever walk away from a computer and forget to lock it? This is a major security risk and enmo can help to close it. When you walk away from a computer without locking it, enmo Auto-Lock automatically locks it, reducing the risk of unauthorized use.


Theft Detection

Sometimes high-value assets are stolen, with enterprises not detecting the theft for hours or days later. Tag high-value assets with an IoT tag and automatically be notified when that asset comes close to an exit.



Want to ensure your cold chain stayed cold? Put a battery-powered IoT device in refrigerated trucks. Temperature is periodically sampled and send to the truck driver’s Smartphone for forwarding to the cloud. No action is needed by the driver to capture the captured temperature data, the phone can remain in his/her pocket.


“We used the enmo Platform to prototype a Beacon-based patient
engagement mobile App in under an hour”

Orange Consulting
— Stéphane Ramoné,
Senior Manager for Healthcare


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